Intelligent Digitize Emulated Achievement Lab

    ide@Lab-200 intelligent digitize emulated achievement lab is a digitized-based training system, which utilizes integrated Hardware Platform, Experimental Modules and Software Platform to help students to learn various electronic subjects. Hardware Platform is composed of multiple measuring instruments, such as digital storage oscilloscope, logic analyzer, frequency synthesizer, digital multimeters, and programmable DC power supply as well as output display unit.
    Experimental Modules contain versatile electronic based topics for students to implement, including basic electricity, electronic circuits and digital logic circuits.

ide@Lab-131xx : Basic Electricity 
● 13101 Basic Device Module
● 13102 Basic Electricity Experiment Module
● 13103 Magnetism Element Introduction Module
● 13104 Magnetic Field Module
● 13105 Ampere's Rule Module
● 13106 Fleming's Rule Module
● 13107 Electromagnetic Induction

ide@Lab-132xx : Electronic Circuits
● 13201 Diode, Clipper & Clamper Module
● 13202 Rectifier, Differential & Integral Circuit Module
● 13203 Transistor Amplifier Circuit Module
● 13204 Multi-Stage Amplifier Circuit Module
● 13205 FET Circuit Experiment Module
● 13206 OP Amplifier Circuit Module (1)
● 13207 OP Amplifier Circuit Module (2)
● 13208 OP Amplifier Circuit Module (3)
● 13209 OP Amplifier Circuit Module (4)
● 13210 OP Amplifier Circuit Module (5)

ide@Lab-133xx : Digital Logic Circuits
● 13301 Combinational Logic Circuit Experiment Module (1)
● 13302 Combinational Logic Circuit Experiment Module (2)
● 13303 Combinational Logic Circuit Experiment Module (3)
● 13304 Combinational Logic Circuit Experiment Module (4)
● 13305 Combinational Logic Circuit Experiment Module (5)
● 13306 Sequential Logic Circuit Experiment Module (1)
● 13307 Sequential Logic Circuit Experiment Module (2)


1. The ide@Lab (Intelligent Digitize Emulated Achievement Lab) is a multimedia digitized experiment / learning platform.
    It consists 
of three major parts including hardware experiment platform, experiment modules and application software
2. The hardware experiment platform includes digital storage oscilloscope, logic analyzer, frequency synthesis signal
two digital multimeters, programmable DC power supply, internal central control and coordination interface
    such as output 
display interface, module communication interface and the interface used for command and data exchange
ide@Lab and personal computer.
3. The operating modes of hardware experiment platform includes a touch-panel manual control mode and a PC control
    mode via 
USB interface. 
4. The ide@Lab system separates modules into extension unit and experiment module. The extension unit is designed
    to satisfy 
the special needs of experiment modules. The subjects of experiment modules cover basic electricity, electronic
and digital logic circuits. Each subject involves several experiment modules. The application software platform
    contains the front-
panel controls and displays of hardware experiment platform, experiment module window, procedure
    steps and experiment 

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