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CPLD/FPGA Digital Circuits Development System

     CIC-310 CPLD/FPGA Development System is self-contained system, which contains stabilized DC
power supplies, Development Board , and Experiment Board. CIC-310 also provides digital system designers for hardware verification which enables students to learn digital system design efficiently.

1. Designing combinational logic circuit
2. Designing sequential logic circuit
3. Designing flip-flops circuit
4. Designing counters and applications
5. Designing ALUs and applications
6. Designing encoder/decoder and multipliers/demultipliers
7. Designing frequency synthesizer and shift registers
8. Production and application of digital circuit

- FPGA (8000/8K) download board (84pin)
- I/O experiments board
- MAX+PLUS® II development software (student version)
- Program manager software for program download and In-System-Programming
- Experiment manual

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