• MTS-100 Tutor for Arduino

MTS-100 Tutor for Arduino

Model : MTS-100

      Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple I/O board and a development environment that implements the Processing / Wiring language. Besides easy-to-use hardware and software interface, Arduino is designed to be as flexible as possible to fit your project's needs.
      MTS-100 Tutor for Arduino provides an environment for Arduino to interact with different forms of electronics (25 module blocks) with simple codes and connections. with universal breadboard, it's convenient for students to construct the circuits that are not provided by the MTS-100.  

1. Buzzer and Keypad Control 
(1) Button Controlled Buzzer
(2) Simple Electronic Organ
(3) Music Player

2. LED Matrix Control 
(1) Static Display 
(2) Dynamic Display 

3. 7-Segment Display Control
(1) Alternative Display
(2) Simple Digital Clock 
(3) Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

4. Relay Control 
(1) ON-OFF Control with Two Buttons
(2) ON-OFF Control with One Button 

5. Voice and Light Control 

6. Analog Input and Output 
(1) Potentiometer Controlled LED Dimmer
(2) Joystick Controlled LED Dimmer

7. Serial Monitor  
(1) LED Brightness Controller 1
(2) LED Brightness Controller 2
(3) Light Detector 
(4) Noise Detector 
(5) Digital Voltmeter 

8. Conventional RGB Control 
(1) Static Display 
(2) Dynamic Display 

9. Serial RGB Control 
(1) Button Controlled Serial RGB LED
(2) Dual Running LED 
(3) Pressure-Activated Serial RGB LED 
(4) Voice-Activated Serial RGB LED 

10. LCD Display Control 
(1) 8-Bit Interface LCD Control
(2) 4-Bit Interface LCD Control 
(3) I2C Interface LCD Control  

11. Humidity/Temperature Measurement 

12. Ultrasonic Range Finder 
(1) Serial Monitor Display 
(2) LCD Display 

13. IR Line Tracer

14. Servo Motor Control 
(1) Potentiometer Controlled Servos
(2) 2-Axis Robot Control

15. 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer Control

16. DC Motor Control 
(1) Start/Stop Control
(2) Speed and Direction Control 

17. Step Motor Control 
(1) Unipolar Step Motor Controller  
(2) Bipolar Step Motor Controller   

18. Bluetooth Wireless Communications 
(1) Windows Cross Platform Control 
(2) Android Cross Platform Control 

19. Wi-Fi Wireless Networking 
Data Logger in Cloud

1. The trainer includes various I/O peripherals suitable for learning Arduino project.
2. Independent I/O Modules allows users adopting Dupont wire to build their own applications.
3. Step-by-step procedure in experiment manual
4. With dual power design, users can select either Arduino or External power for I/O devices.
5. Solderless Breadboard allows users to create more circuits and integrate them into the system.

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