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General Digitized Training System

     The ETS-8000A is a basic digital logic circuit training system. It includes combinational logic and sequential logic experiment circuit. The course content of experiment has hardware emulation and software simulation.
     All necessary equipment for digital logic experiment such as power supply, signal generator, indicator, measurement are installed on the main unit.

• Basic logic gates experiments
  (a)  OR gate            
  (b)  NOT gate     
  (c)  OR + NOT gate      
  (d)  NOR gate      
  (e)  NAND gate                    
  (f )  4-inputs NAND gate
  (g)  AND-NOR                  
  (h)  Staircase lamp
• Assembled logic circuits experiments
  (a)  X+0=X, X+1=1      
  (b)  X.0=0, X.1=X
  (c)  X+X=X, X+X'=1    
  (d)  X.X=X, X.X'=0
  (e)  (X.Y)'=X'+Y'        
  (f )  (X+Y)'=X’.Y'
  (g)  2-bits comparator  
  (h)  Voting circuit
  (i )  Karnaugh map application
• Adder / subtractor experiments
  (a)  Half adder              
  (b)  Full adder          
  (c)  Half subtractor      
  (d)  Full subtractor      
  (e)  4-bits adder          
  (f )  4-bits subtractor   
  (g)  BCD code adder
• Decoder / encoder experiments
  (a)  8 to 3 encoder 
  (b)  3 to 8 decoder
• Multiplexer experiments
  (a)  Multiplexer
  (b)  Logic unit.
• Basic Flip-Flop experiments
  (a)  Constructing a R-S Flip-Flop with NAND gates
  (b)  Constructing a R-S Flip-Flop with NOR gates
  (c)  J-K Flip-Flop 
  (d)  T Flip-Flop 
  (e)  D Flip-Flop
• Application of Flip-Flop experiments
  (a)  Constructing a D Flip-Flop with a J-K Flip-Flop;
  (b)  Constructing a T Flip-Flop with a J-K Flip-Flop;
  (c)  Mod-8 of ripple counter
• Counter experiments
  (a)  Mod-8 counter 
  (b)  Mod-4 arbitrarily sequence
• Application of digital logic
  (a)  0~9 electric roulette 
  (b)  Traffic sign control
1. Suitable for combinational logic, sequential logic experiments  and designs
2. Ideal tool for learning the basics of digital logic circuits 
3. Comprehensive power, signal supply and measurement devices for making experiments easily
4. Expandable and flexible experiments with  universal breadboard
5. All supply units are equipped with overload protection for safety
6. Computer interaction includes software simulation & hardware emulation    

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