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KL-900A Basic Communication System
     The KL-900A offers experiment for fundamental-level topics of a telecommunication course. It enables the student to acquire a clear experimental view of the basic concepts and, further, they will be familiar with the operative aspects of the work in the telecommunication laboratory.
- RF Oscillator Experiment
- Second Order LPF & HPF Experiment
- AM Modulator Experiment
- AM Demodulator Experiment
- DSB-SC and SSB Modulator Experiment
- DSB-SC and SSB Demodulator Experiment
- FM Modulator Experiment
- FM Demodulator Experiment
- PLL Frequency Synthesizer
- TDM Multiplexer Experiments
- TDM Demultiplexer Experiments
- FDM Multiplexer Experiments
- FDM Demultiplexer Experiments
- Multiplier Frequency Up/Down Converter Experiment
- Carrier Frequency Recovery Experiment
- Synchronal Clock Recovery Experiment

- Analog to Digital Experiment
- Digital to Analog Experiment
- PWM Modulator Experiment
- PWM Demodulator Experiment
- FSK Modulator Experiment
- FSK Demodulator Experiment
- CVSD Modulators & Demodulators / Manchester Code
  Encode / Decode
- ASK Modulator / Demodulator
- PSK / QPSK Modulator / Demodulator
- The trainer includes the basic modules with experimental circuits. It offers the beginner complete
  courses of basic analog and digital communication.
- KL-900A is equipped with power supply and signal unit. Students only have to adopt the oscilloscope to
  complete various
- System modularity maximizes flexibility and variety for experimentation, and allows possibility for
  expansion and customization.

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