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PEMFC/DMFC Experimrnt System

GFC-3000 PEMFC/DMFC Experiment System offers the measurement instrumentation for performance of fuel cell system as well as parameters, typically covering gas supply, temperature & humidity control, cooling system, external load, concentration control and water recycling system, etc..


1. Hydration Process
2. Activation Process
3. I-V Curve
4. Methanol Concentration
5. Methanol Temperature
6. Anode Methanol Flow Rate
7. Cathode Air Flow Rate
8. Appendix A Concentration Sensor Calibration

1. Hydration Process
2. Activation Process
3. I-V Curve 4.
Anode Hydrogen Flow

- Open system architecture & flexible panel design for replacing parts with ease.
- A simplified but clearly direct methanol and hydrogen fuel cell modules, fuel cell stack and parts-testing
- Provide the functions of repeating test and data acquisition for the voltage, current, output power,
  humidity and fuel concentration, temperature and flow of the hydrogen and methanol fuel cell modules
- Construct a specific fuel-cell database for learning and R&D
- Understand the characteristics of fuel cell system and related applications of voltage conversion and 
  loads workable with softwares. It supports USB interface.

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