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Intelligent Micromouse Trainer

     MTS-33T allows students to carry out 3 types of micromouse experiments on a lab table individually including  wall maze solver, line maze solver, and line follower.  With provided maze wall, post, and line track pad, students can setup corresponding experiment environments efficiently and flexibly. 
     Learning MCU programming for micromouse is an important course topic on MTS-33T. Students can see the behavior of micromouse instantly after MCU code is programmed, downloaded and executed.
     The provided simulation software allows students to create the map of line maze and wall maze so as to observe how micromouse solves the maze.
  1. MPLAB software simulation
  2. Digital I/O port control
  3. LCD display control
  4. Timer and timer interrupt control
  5. Output compare module
  6. PWM control
  7. Analog-to-Digital converter module
  8. Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter
  9. Infrared signal normalization
10. Line detection  
11. Wall following robot simulation
12. Line following robot simulation
13. Road condition detection for line following robot 
14. Road condition detection for wall following robot
15. Line following control
16. Encoder
17. PID control (Require MATLAB SIMULINK,option)
18. Encoder feedback control
19. Motor speed control
20. Motor position control
21. Micromouse turning control simulation (Require MATLAB SIMULINK,option)
22. Micromouse central speed control
23. Micromouse central position control
24. Micromouse attitude control
1. The trainer is protected by a suitcase for easy carrying and storage.
2. The trainer can act as wall maze solving micromouse, line maze solving micromouse, and line tracer.
3. Adopts international standard size of maze wall and tracking line.
4. Automatically power off when make an over turning the micromouse.
5. Selectable sensor sets to detect either wall condition or line condition.
6. The trainer includes a dsPIC33F chip and peripheral circuits (power circuit, sensor circuit, input / output circuit, and 
    so on), which is very helpful to understand the knowledge related with microprocessor control.

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