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8051 Microcomputer Trainer

MTS-52  ICE     (Option)

1. 32 Kbyte emulator break point setting
2. Single trace step into/step over & step out auto
    step function
3. Register & memory (data program) editor
4. Support line assembly
5. Download LST & HEX file & full run

     8051 is the original chip of MTS-51 family devices which is originated from Intel. This chip is a stand-alone, powerful 8-bit single-chip microcomputer and is commonly used for real-time control applications. MTS-51 microcomputer trainer is designed for learning 8051 core architecture and instructions.
  1. LED display control   
  2. Dot matrix LED control   
  3. Step motor control
  4. Input port expansion
  5. Pulse counter          
  6. Speaker control
  7. Serial communications
  8. 7-segment display control
  9. Matrix keyboard control
10. Output port expansion
11. Photo interrupter control
12. Timer/counter
13. LCM display control
1. Through serial port interface, the ISP and IAP functions of 89V51RD2 control chip enables the program codes to be
    downloaded to flash memory and show the results at real time.
2. Reserve external connection pins for advanced experiments
3. Plenty of experiments to do various basic I/O control applications
4. With various common I/O components and experiments, MTS-51 turned learners into experienced users of basic
    control application with 8051 microcontroller.

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