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LabVIEW™  I/O Interface Lab

      LV-200 LabVIEWTM I /O Interface Lab is a platform of hardware / software development. It offers a variety of I /O and peripheral devices used in real life and adopts National Instruments LabVIEWTM  (G programming language) as development software. Data transfer between LV-200 Lab and computer is performed via USB interface. LV-200 also provides a comprehensive Experiment Manual which describes the operation of I /O circuits and peripheral devices as well as the programming of control programs (Virtual Instruments) using G programming language.
1. Digital output control
2. Digital input control
3. Digital I/O control
4. A/D converter control
5. D/A converter control
6. Stepping motor control
7. LCD control
8. EEPROM control
9. Advanced applications: 
    Counter, stepping motor controller using event structure, 
LCD advertising display from front panel, LCD advertising display
    from EEPROM, two-channel oscilloscope, digital 
voltmeter, acquiring data and storing in EEPROM, two-channel function
1. Data transfer and communication between LV-200 Lab and computer via USB interface
2. Digital output devices : LED BAR and 7-Segment LED display provided for digital data display
3. Digital input devices : Data Switches provided for digital data input
4. A/D and D/A converters applied for input and output applications of analog signal and digital data
5. Providing a number of hardware such as stepping motor, EEPROM and LCD for control application of peripheral devices
6. Comprehensive Experiment Manual including a detailed description of software and hardware
7. DC power supplies available for internal and external circuits
8. All experiments can be run on a trial-version LabVIEWTM software.

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