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Chilled Water Refrigeration System Control Trainer






1. Knowledge of electric components
    Various commonly-used electric components are introduced in detail for teaching purpose including micro circuit breaker,
    PVPR, timing relay, auxiliary relay, magnetic contactor, thermal relay, current transformer, and voltage / current switch with
3ø power.

2. Knowledge of protective equipment
    Offering not only the function description and instruction of the pressure protective switch that is commonly-used in chilled
unit is offered, but also the instruction manual and operational concept about the HLP, OLP, anti-freeze switch, and
switch, etc.  The learner can understand the complete protection measures of chilled water unit.
3. Y-Δ manual lower-voltage start control circuit of 3ø induction motor
    Students can realize the advantages of lower-voltage during practice and experience the speed change of motor by manual
    switch. Besides, students would be more familiar with the usage of relays by adopting other electric components.
4. Y-Y / Y-Δ circuit of chilled water unit
    Students can manipulate the Y-Y starting control circuit of small and middle  size chilled water unit as well as the lower-
starting circuit used in units above 7.5HP.  They would be more familiar with the usage condition of various
    protective switches.
5. Circuit of chilled water unit
    The practice for circuit of chilled water unit is almost the same as that of the system in industry. Students would grasp full
    control concepts about chilled water unit by using the electric components and protective switches.
6. Pressure auto-start, manual-start switch circuit, chain circuit practice
    Students would gradually familiarize themselves with the usage of components during the practice of basic chain
    circuit and switch circuit. Moreover, they can look into these circuits through designing and testing the circuit by the 
    manual or pressure-triggered switch.
7. Forward / reverse rotation control circuit of  induction motor, automatic forward / reverse rotation
    cycle control circuit
    With the practice of motor control circuit, students become skilled in motor usage and each electric component ; moreover,
    users can utilize this equipment to verify their own designed circuit.
1. The commonly-used control components of chilled water unit are mounted on the panel layout for easy learning.
2. Three-phase motor is used in place of compressor. The learner can proceed their hands-on practicing step by step
    from basics like interlocking circuit, 
motor start-up and control circuit of forward /  reverse rotation, to the advanced 
    exercises such as the complete control circuit of reciprocating / screw type chilled water unit, etc..
3. The pressure component used on this trainer is triggered by direct vapor-pressurizing so the system can be close to
    the real one. On the contrary, the 
traditional components used for teaching in the  past that have to be actuated
    by bolt or screwdriver can be discarded.
4. The input vapor-pressure, which is divided into 3 mimic pressures like low- pressure, high-pressure and oil pressure,
    can be used and adjusted 
separately so the learner would have clearer understanding of  functionality of each
    component accordingly.
5. The E.O.C.R is built in inner circuit system to ensure  the security and avoid the damage of equipment due to wiring error.
6. The equipment is equipped with 3 magnetic switches, 3 auxiliary  relays, 14 indicators, 2 timing relays, 3 different types
    switches and digital voltage / 
current meters. Moreover, the learner can use these components to take a lot of practices
    of low-voltage power control circuit and to test their own 
designed circuit.

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