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Solar Cell Trainer

    The GES-100 Solar Cell Trainer is an easy and self-contained trainer designed for learning the basic configuration and characteristics of a solar cell. 
    Through the use of different irradiations for various load units, students study the photoelectric effect of solar cells and plot the current-voltage curve as well as charging / discharging curves.
  1. Measuring the irradiation of various light sources
  2. Energy conversion of solar cells
  3. Diode characteristic of a solar cell
  4. Effect of light-sensing area on the open-circuit voltage of solar cell
  5. Effect of light-sensing area on the short-circuit current of solar cell
  6. Effect of irradiation on open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current  of solar cells
  7. Relationship between the angle of irradiation and the short-circuit current of solar cell
  8. Open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current of solar cells connected in series-shading
  9. Open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current of solar cells connected in parallel-shading
10. I-V curve of solar cells
11. Conversion efficiency and Maximum Power Point(MPP)
12. Simulating a daily course of sunlight
13. Charging a capacitor with solar cells
14. Capacitor discharging 
15. Constructing a solar power island system
16. Inverter
1. Self-contained solar cell trainer 
2. Adjustable solar irradiation and azimuth for sunlight simulation  
3. DAQ Equipped is of much benefit to acquire and save the experimental data

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