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H2/O2 Fuel Cell Trainer

   GES-300 oxy-hydrogen fuel cell trainer makes trainees understand how to produce the fuel via electrolysis and use the produced fuel to generate electricity. The modulized design of the experiment can be implemented easily. In addition, the users can design their own training courses according to their demands.
   GES-300 is designed with a toolbox. All the required equipment for making experiments are included, and easy for setting and storage.
  1. Safety Information  
  2. GES-300 H2 / O2 Fuel Cell Trainer
  3. Hardware Installation
  4. Energy Conversion of Solar Cell
  5. I-V Curve of Solar Cell 
  6. H2-to-O2  Ratio in Water Electrolysis
  7. Production Rate of Gas Volume in Water Electrolysis
  8. Efficiencies of Electrolyser
  9. I-V Curve of Electrolyser
10. H2 / O2 Fuel Cell
11. I-V Curve of H2 / O2 Fuel Cell
1. GES-300 is a basic trainer of the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC). 
2. Open system configuration with modularized-design elements
3. Understand the combination of water by electrolysis
4. The voltage and current can be measured.
5. A complete fuel cell database can be constructed for study, research and development.
6. The brightness of the simulated sunlight is adjustable.

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