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MEMS Training System

      MEMS (Micro-electromechanical Systems) based sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer are crucial components used in smart portable devices, like smart phone and tablet PC. The demand of MEMS sensors has been increased dramatically and identified as one of the most promising technologies nowadays. 
      K&H develop world's first series of MEMS-based training system to facilitate students learning various MEMS functions and applications more systemically. 4 different types of MEMS based sensors are introduced in this training system, including 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, barometer and magnetometer. To ensure quality results for experiment, module with XYZ- Axis Rotation Stand is specially designed to carry out three - dimensional motion experiments with operation of accelerometer and gyroscope module.

3-Axis Accelerometer Unit (KL-67001)

  1. Measurement of gravity
  2. Measurement of gravity with software interface
  3. Sensing data analysis and gravity unit conversion
  4. Calculation of tilt angle from X and Y plane
  5. Pitch rotation analysis and calculation
  6. Roll rotation analysis and calculation
  7. Pitch & Roll demonstration
  8. Data acquisition with sensing gravity 
Note : KL-67101 and KL-67102 are required to carry out above experiments. 
3-Axis Gyroscope Unit (KL-67002)
  1. Measurement of angle
  2. Measurement of angular velocity with software interface
  3. Sensing data analysis and angle unit conversion
  4. Digital zero-rate level calibration
  5. X-axis angle measurement with software interface 
  6. Y-axis angle measurement with software interface
  7. Z-axis angle measurement with software interface
  8. Pitch rotation demonstration
  9. Roll rotation demonstration
10. Yaw rotation demonstration
11. Data acquisition with sensing angular data
Note : KL-67101 and KL-67102 are required to carry out above experiments. 
Magnetometer Unit (KL-67003)
  1. Magnetic north identification
  2. Measuring magnetic field
  3. Sensing magnet’s magnetic field
  4. Magnetic interference and 2D calibration
  5. Magnetic interference and 3D calibration
  6. Electronic compass
  7. Magnetometer and accelerometer output waveforms
Digital Barometer Unit (KL-67004)
  1. Measurement of room temperature and pressure
  2. Measurement of temperature with software interface
  3. Sensing data analysis and temperature unit conversion
  4. Measurement of pressure with software interface
  5. Sensing data analysis and pressure unit conversion
1. Each module is powered with 9V battery. There is no power cable to interfere the module motion during
    performing experiments.  
2. Each module is communicated with PC via Bluetooth interface, no communication cable to interfere module
    motion during performing 
3. Each module equipped with a LCD display shows instant results from DEMO experiments.
4. All sensing data are acquired, calculated, and recorded in software for further analysis.
5. Round shape PCB module suitable for accelerometer experiment, gyroscope experiment, and electronic
    compass in magnetometer 
6. The protocol of sensing data, introduced in experiment manual, is available for expanding more experiments
    and student projects. 

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