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Wind and Solar Hybrid System 

    GES-500 (Wind and Solar Hybrid System) is composed of Solar Panel, Battery Bank Module, MPPT Solar Charging Controller Module, DC-AC Inverter Module, Grid-tie Inverter Module, Wind Generator Set, Wind Energy Monitor Module, Three-phase Rectifier Module, Wind and Solar Hybrid Controller Module, Load Module and Meters. By means of combining all these control systems, a teaching platform for implementation of the wind power, solar power and hybrid experiments is presented. It can help students understand the theory of on-grid and off-grid solar power, wind power generation system, hybrid system and further create practical applications.

Solar Power Generation System Manual

Ex  1  Power system of Solar cells
Ex  2  Introduction of Solar cells system
Ex  3  Conversion test of solar photovoltaic energy
Ex  4  Solar cell characteristic curve test
Ex  5  The influence of temperature on solar cell
Ex  6  Solar cells affected by different light angles curves
Ex  7  The efficiency and maximum power of solar cell
Ex  8  Solar cells generation-off-grid
Ex  9  Solar cells generation-streetlight
Ex10  Solar cells generation-grid-tie
Wind Power System Manual
Ex  1  The principle of wind power
Ex  2  Introduction of wind system
Ex  3  Wind speed experiment of a wind turbine 
Ex  4  Open circuit and loading experiment of wind turbine
Ex  5  Wind energy utilization factor of wind turbine
Ex  6  Power curve experiment of wind turbine
Ex  7  Wind power generation-off-grid
Ex  8  Wind power generation-grid-tie
Scenery Complementary Laboratory Manual
Ex  1  Wind and solar hybrid system
Ex  2  The efficiency of DC-AC inverter
Ex  3  The efficiency and Islanding effect of grid-tie inverter
Ex  4  Wind and solar hybrid system-off-grid
Ex  5  Wind and solar hybrid system-streetlight
Ex  6  Wind and solar hybrid system-grid-tied
1. The software can display and store the data.
2. Using the digital meter, the user can observe the current operation status of the system.  
3. All the input and output terminals are adopting the safety plugs. Users can implement the experiments with the connecting 
    wires easily and safely. 
4. Equipped with the Polarity reverse protection to avoid the modules being damaged due to the wrong input of inverse power.
5. Adjustable light source for the sunlight intensity
6. Adjustable solar panel, simulating the situation of the sunlight irradiation from different angles.

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