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Packaged Air Conditioner Training System











1. The Packaged Air Conditioner Training System used is the same equipment as that of market one teaching and market
    no gap.  
The design of this system is consistent with Packaged Air Conditioners available on the market. So it is not only
    suitable for 
educational training, but also applicable for professional practice in student’s future career.
2. Designed to facilitate the operation of the overall equipment at a glance, So students can clearly see the water pipe
and understand the direction of water flow and how to use the water pump.
3. There are flow meters and thermometers in the water pipe line, students can understand the state of water flow and analyze
operation status of KR-221 from the data.
4. Designed to bring together devices that were originally installed around the building to facilitate the teaching process and
    interpretation of the system. Moreover, the trainees are more likely to understand the relevance of each device and can
    easily move 
their equipment.
5. The connection lines are extended to the front panel for easy practice and a clear understanding of how the board is
to the line.

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