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Basic Skill Trainer

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       AT-300 is in an H-shaped frame using aluminum alloy, powder coat steel plate, and aluminum sheet metal. It is suitable for aviation training center teaching EASA Part 66 Modules 6, 7, and 11. This trainer provides students with a visually intuitive practical experience of aviation maintenance skills, categorized into 5 training subjects: (1) Tube and Hose, (2) Electrical Wiring, (3) Locking Device, (4) Control Cable Rigging and (5) Riveting skill.
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1. AT-300 is classified into two models- AT-30091 and AT-30092. AT-30091 comes with 4 training panels without any roof 
    installed whereas AT-30092 (Optional) comes with 6 training panels with a roof installed. 
2. 4 rubber caster wheels with brakes and 4 galvanized legs on the H frame prevent vibration and ease trainer's movement.
3. The angle and location of the steel training panels could be changed to simulate real work environment.
4. Riveting practice will be mounted on the center of the H frame while the platform for riveting tools will be installed on the H
    frame for temporary storage of spare parts and tools.

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