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NGT-506 Parking Radar

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Creative Innovation : NGT-506 Parking Radar
An Arduino based Parking Radar is created with an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, a Piezoelectric Buzzer, a Self Lock Switch, and 4 Color Stickers.  Ultrasonic Distance Sensor detects the distance between the wall and sensor and output the distance on four Color Stickers with of color LED numbers.  The Self Lock Switch is used to turn on / off the buzzer alarm, which beeps rashly when the sensor is approaching the wall.
brickNano x1
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor  x1
Piezoelectric Buzzer x1
Self-Lock Switch x1
Color Sticker x4
Brick Post/Cap Pack  x 1
Brick Pack  x 1
Brick Plate  x 2
Micro USB Cable  x 1
Power Wire Pack  x 1
Signal Wire Pack  x 1
Note: Arduino IDE is used to configure brickNano board

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