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Biomedical Measurement Data Acquisition System


       KL-710 is a complete data acquisition system that includes both hardware and software for acquisition and analysis of life-science data. The hardware uses the DAQ interface cards from National Instrument. As for the software, it is written in LabVIEW. KL-710 system uses PC to acquire, analyze and store data.

  • Experiment   1 Electroencephalogram Measurement
  • Experiment   2 Electrooculogram Measurement
  • Experiment   3 Electromyogram Measurement
  • Experiment   4 Measurement of Heart Beat and Heart Sound
  • Experiment   5 Electrocardiogram Measurement
  • Experiment   6 Measurement of Blood Pressure
  • Experiment   7 Measurement of Animal Blood Pressure and Temperature Parameters
  • Experiment   8 Measurement of Intestinal Sound
  • Experiment   9 Respiration Measurement
  • Experiment 10 Pulmonary Function Measurement
  • Experiment 11 Psychophysiological Parameters Measurement under Various  
    Emotion Condition

The major software allows you to edit data and control the experiment process appearing on the screen. It performs four general functions:

  • Control the data acquisition process including the analog input, analog output, digital input, digital output and trigger start.
  • Perform real-time calculation including the math functions, digital filter, wave analysis, rate detection and power spectrum.
  • Perform off-line analysis including the statistics, math functions, wave analysis, rate detection and power spectrum.  
  • There are various types for saving data.

The software, written in LabVIEW, allows users to create their own program.  





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