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NGT-508 Heart Rate Detector

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Creative Innovation : NGT-508 Heart Rate Detector
An Arduino based heart rate monitor used to measure average heart rate is created with IR Pulse Sensor, Serial 8x8 Matrix Display, Serial 4-digit 7-segment Display, and EM Buzzer.  When the heartbeat signal is detected, a heart symbol shows on the 8x8 Matrix and a short beep sound output at Buzzer.  The average heart rate in BPM (Beats Per Minute) will be calculated in about 5~7 stable heartbeat time.
brickNano x1
IR Pulse Sensor x1
Serial 8x8 Matrix Display x1
Serial 4-digit 7-segment Display x1 
Electromagnetic Buzzer x1
Brick Post/Cap Pack  x 1 
Brick Pack  x 1 
Brick Plate  x 1 
Micro USB Cable  x 1
Power Wire Pack  x 1 
Signal Wire Pack  x 1
Note: Arduino IDE is used to configure brickNano board

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