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Tutor for Raspberry Pi

       Ths Raspberry Pi is a mini computer allowing people of all ages to explore the world of computers and to learn how to code in programming languages, such as Scratch or Python. Just like a desktop PC, this credit card sized computer is capable of browsing the internet, playing videos, making spreadsheets, processing word document, and playing games.
       The MTS-200 Tutor for Raspberry Pi provides an environment for Raspberry Pi to interact with the outside world through different forms of electronics (16 faya-nugget electronic blocks). Students can efficiently learn and create various digital maker projects through simple connections and simple Python codes in the tutorials provided.






1. The trainer includes various I/O peripherals suitable for learning Raspberry Pi projects.
2. There are step-by-step procedures in the experiment manual for the Python programming language. 
3. An independent power supply is provided to maximize the number of peripheral modules.
4. Three sets of I/O ports are extended around the working area for easy signal connection.
5. Two sets of independent DAC/ADC are built in to expand more experimental circuits.
6. A touch screen is built in for direct use and control.

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