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Linear Circuit Lab (2) - Electronic Circuits Lab

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    The KL-200 Linear Circuit Lab(2) - Electronic Circuits Lab is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for anyone engaged in electronic circuit experiments.  
    All the necessary equipment for electronic circuit experiments such as power supply, function generator, analog and digital meters are installed on the main unit. 
    The 17 modules cover a wide range of essential topics for electronics circuit. It is a time and cost saver for both students and engineers interested in developing and testing prototype circuits.

  1. Characteristics of Diodes

  2. Clipping and Clamping Circuits with Diodes

  3. Rectifier Circuits

  4. Differential and Integrator Circuits

  5. Transistors

  6. Transistor Amplification Circuits.

  7. Field Effect Transistors (FET)

  8. FET Amplification Circuits

  9. Multi - Stage Amplification Circuits

10. Transistor Negative Feedback Circuits

11. Transistor Positive Feedback Circuits

12. Regulated Voltage / Constant Current Circuits

13. Modulation and Demodulation

14. OP Amplifiers

15. Basic Characteristics of OP Amplifier

16. Basic Characteristics of OP Amplifier (1) - Negative Feedback

17. Basic Characteristics of OP Amplifier (2) - Negative Feedback

18. Basic Characteristics of OP Amplifier - Positive Feedback

1. Ideal for electronic circuit experiments and designing exercises.
2. Integrated experimental circuit and trainer with comprehensive experiment curriculum.
3. Supply complete training device easy and effective for experiments.
4. With universal breadboard for circuit designing and prototypes.
5. All modules equipped with an 8-bit DIP switch for fault simulations.
6. Individual keeping case for all modules easy carrying and storage facilities.
7. Including Computer - based Training.

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