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Industrial Electronic Trainer

      The KL-500 Industrial Electronic Trainer is a self-contained training equipment allowing students to learn more than 70 experiments through a power supply unit and 16 replaceable modules. 
       Various types of industrial electronic devices, such as UJT, PUT, SCR, SCS, DIAC, TRIAC, JFET, MOSFET, IGBT are introduced in this system.  For each device, students are able to learn its characteristic, trigger circuit. Moreover, application circuits provide students a comprehensive understanding of related knowledge in this technology field. 

  1.  Power Supply Unit Experiments
      (1) AC voltage measurement
      (2) DC voltage measurement

  2.  UJT Experiments (KL-53001)
       UJT Characteristic & Equivalent Circuit
       (1) UJT introduction
       (2) UJT characteristic
       (3) UJT equivalent circuit
       (4) CDS trigger, RTH trigger
       UJT Oscillator Circuit & Timer Switch
       (1) UJT relaxation oscillator
       (2) UJT timer switch

  3.  PUT Experiments (KL-53002)
       PUT Characteristic & Equivalent Circuit
       (1) PUT introduction
       (2) PUT characteristic
       (3) PUT equivalent circuit
       (4) CDS trigger
       (5) RTH trigger
       PUT Oscillator Circuit & Timer Switch
       (1) PUT circuit oscillator
       (2) PUT timer switch

  4.  PUT & SCR Experiments (KL-53003)
       PUT Staircase Generator & Voltage Control Ramp Circuit
       (1) PUT staircase generator circuit
       (2) PUT voltage control ramp circuit
       SCR Characteristic & RC Shift Control Circuit
       (1) SCR principle
       (2) SCR characteristic curve
       (3) SCR construction
       (4) SCR trigger mode
       (5) SCR RC phase control circuit

  5.  SCS Experiments (KL-53004)
       SCS Characteristic Experiment
       (1) SCS construction and operation mode
       (2) Use VOM meter measuring SCS
       (3) SCS schmitt circuit
       (4) SCS simulate PUT circuit
       SCS Trigger Circuit Experiment
       (1) CDS trigger
       (2) RTH trigger

  6.  UJT & PUT Trigger SCR Experiments (KL-53005) 
       UJT Trigger SCR Phase Control Circuit
       (1) Phase control basic circuit
       (2) Phase control analysis
       (3) AC phase control circuit analysis
       (4) UJT trigger SCR phase control circuit
       PUT Trigger SCR Phase Control Circuit

  7.  SCR Control DC Motor & DIAC, TRIAC (KL-53006) 
       SCR Characteristic Experiments 
       SCR Control DC Motor Forward / Reverse Experiment
       (1) SCR cut-off principle
       (2) SCR control DC motor forward / reverse control experiment
       DIAC, TRIAC Characteristic Experiment
       (1) DIAC construction and characteristic
       (2) DIAC operation mode and measurement
       (3) TRIAC construction and characteristic
       (4) TRIAC trigger mode
       (5) TRIAC static measurement
  8.  Automatic Control Lamp, TRIAC Control Speed Experiments (KL-53007)
       Automatic Control Lamp Experiment
      (1) TRIAC shift control
      (2) TRIAC automatic control lamp experiment
      TRIAC Control Motor Speed Experiment
      (1) Different motor introduction
      (2) TRIAC control motor speed experiment
  9. Temperature Ratio, Photo-Couple and Touch Control Experiments (KL-53008)
      Bridge Temperature Ratio Control Experiment
      (1) Electronic component of thermal resistor 
      (2) SCR bridge temperature ratio control experiment
      Photo-Couple and Touch Control Experiment
      (1) Photo-couple control circuit
      (2) FET construction and characteristic
      (3) Touch alarm circuit
10. Over / Under Voltage Breaker and Flasher Control Experiments (KL-53009)
      Over / Under Voltage Breaker Experiment
      (1) OPA characteristic with reverse & non-reverse circuit
      (2) Voltage comparison circuit
      Flasher Control Experiment
      (1) Application of TRIAC power control
      (2) AC circuit control
      (3) Multivibrator
11. TRIAC Liquid Level & IC Timer Switch Experiments (KL-53010)
      TRIAC Liquid Level Control Experiment
      (1) Digital circuit introduction
      (2) TRIAC liquid level control experiment
       IC Timer Switch Experiment
      (1) NE 555 IC circuit introduction
      (2) lC timer switch experiment
12. Digital Signal Driver & Zero-Voltage Switch Experiments (KL-53011)
      Digital Signal Driver Control Experiment
      Digital signal driver control experiment
      Zero-Voltage Switch Experiments (I)
      Ideal half-wave zero-voltage switch experiments

13. Zero-Voltage Switch Experiments (KL-53012)
      Zero-Voltage Switch Experiments (II)
      (1) TRIAC zero-voltage switch experiments
      (2) IC mode zero-voltage switch experiments

14. SCR Converter Experiments (KL-53013)
      (1) Parallel converter introduction
      (2) Series converter introduction
      (3) Converter trigger source
      (4) Converter voltage adjustment
      (5) Converter output-waveform improvement

15. SCR Rectifier Circuit Experiments (KL-53014)
      (1) Single-phase half-wave rectifier
      (2) Single-phase full-wave rectifier
      (3) Single-phase bridge rectifier
      (4) Three-phase half-wave rectifier
      (5) Three-phase full-wave rectifier

16. JFET / MOSFET Characteristic & MOSFET Speed Control Experiments (KL-53015)
      (1) JFET characteristic experiment
      (2) MOSFET characteristic experiment
      (3) MOSFET speed control experiment
17. IGBT Characteristic & IGBT Speed Control Experiments (KL-53016)
      (1) IGBT characteristic experiment
      (2) IGBT speed control experiment
1. Comprehensive study includes the theoretical study and practical exercises
2. Use of industrial-type components, devices and circuits

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