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Fiber-Optic Transmission Training System

      Fiber-Optic communication is one of the most popular technologies in the modern days due to its high transfer speed and large capacity. KL-900D uses fiber optic as a transmission media for the whole experiment.
      With four different data transmission ways (self module transmission, module-to-module transmission, PC-to-module transmission and module-to-PC transmissions) and various different modulation / demodulation methods (CVSD, FSK, etc.) Introduced in the training system, users can obtain a very clear view of how fiber-optic transmission works.

  1. Characteristic of fiber optics experiment
  2. Applications of fiber optics experiment
  3. Light sources of fiber optics
  4. Light and fiber optics interaction experiment
  5. Fiber optic transmitters experiment
  6. Receivers for fiber optic system experiment
  7. Fiber optic expand and network experiment
  8. Fiber optic connectors and lose-polishing experiment
  9. Fiber optical data-transmission-self-transceiver experiment
10. Fiber optical data-transmission-double-transceiver experiment
11. Fiber optical data-transmission - PC"module experiment
12. Fiber optical data-transmission - module"PC experiment
13. Fiber optical data-transmission - CVSD modulation & demodulation experiment (optional)
14. Fiber optical data-transmission - ASK modulation & demodulation experiment (optional)
15. Fiber optical data-transmission - PSK/QPSK modulation & demodulation experiment (optional)

- With four different data transmission ways (self module transmission, module-to-module 
  transmission, PC-to-module transmission, and module-to-PC transmissions).
- The experiment KL-900D will show you how easy it is to make productive use of fiber optic materials.
- The equipment that you assemble will transmit voice from one point to another, using light traveling
  through an optical fiber.

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