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Basic Sensor Experimental Lab

      The KL-620 Basic Sensor Experimental Lab is a comprehensive sensor / transducer control training system. Its modular and closed-loop control circuits allow implementation of open-ended, individual  control loops used in industrial applications.
      KL-620 provides qualitative experiments, it uses different sensors or transducers for experiments. With KL-620, we give attention to observe the relationship between analog signals (like temperature or pressure) and voltage. The analog signals (like temperature or pressure) can not be measured and represented by a value.
      The KL-620 uses only industrial-standard sensors / transducers (0~10V, 4~20mA) with USB interface.
  1. D/A and A/D Converters
  2. Characteristics of Sensors
  3. Gas Sensors
  4. AD590 Temperature Transducer
  5. Hall Current Sensor
  6. PT100 Temperature Sensor
  7. Humidity Sensor
  8. Strain Gauge
  9. Linear Variable Difference Transformer (LVDT)
10. Photovoltaic Cell
11. Proximity Switch
12. Infrared Transducer
13. Ultrasonic Transducer
14. Pressure Sensor
15. V/F and F/V Converters
16. CdS Cell
17. Level Controller
18. Fiber Optical Communication
19. Rotation Angle Sensor
1. Industrial-standard sensors and transducers
2. With USB interface
3. Open-ended design, ideal for expansion
4. Offer a sensing data acquisition software 

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