• AT-13101 Mini Turbine Engine Trainer

AT-13101 Mini Turbine Engine Trainer

Model : AT-13101

         AT-13101 Mini Turbine Engine Trainer, with more than 12KG of thrust, was developed and manufactured in Taiwan. This Turbine Engine trainer is controlled by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). It can control the starting process, ignition, RPM and fuel flow. ECU prevents damages resulted from improper shutdown. Automatic ignition system ensures the stability of starting up by linking DC motor to the internal compressor.

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         AT-13101 Mini Turbine Engine Trainer comes with manifold sensors such as temperatures, pressure, the thrust produced, RPM and fuel flow. With those sensors, multiple surveillance and data analysis for Turbine engine will be done effectively. All the properties mentioned above could provide stable control platform for multiple data analysis and measurement; it is suitable for aviation training college and related engineering field to develop applications.

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