• KL-300 Digital Logic Lab

KL-300 Digital Logic Lab

Model : KL-300

    The KL-300 Digital Logic Lab is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for anyone engaged in digital logic experiments.  
    All the necessary equipment for digital logic experiments such as power supply, signal generator, switches and displays are installed on the main unit. 
    The 13 modules cover a large variety of essential topics for digital logic. It is a time and cost saver for both students and engineers interested in developing and testing circuit prototypes.


1. Basic Logic Gates Experiments
2. Combinational Logic Circuits Experiments
3. Clock Generator Circuit Experiments
4. Sequential Logic Circuit Experiments
5. Memory Circuit Experiments
6. Converter Circuit Experiment
  1. Suitable for combination logic, sequential logic and microprocessor circuits design and experiments.
  2. Ideal tool for learning the basics of digital logic circuits.
  3. Comprehensive power, signal supply and testing devices for convenient experiments. 
  4. Experiments are expandible and flexible with universal breadboard.
  5. Capable of processing TTL, CMOS, NMOS, PMOS and ECL circuits.
  6. All supply units are equipped with overload protection for safety purpose.
  7. All modules equipped with 8-bit DIP switch for fault simulations.
  8. Individual storage cases for all modules to be easy kept and carried.
  9. All signal generators have independent and simultaneous TTL and CMOS level output terminal.
10. Including Computer - based Training

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