• MS-7400 Portable Mechatronics Training System (for MCU)
  • MS-7400 Portable Mechatronics Training System (for MCU)

MS-7400 Portable Mechatronics Training System (for MCU)

Model : MS-7400

      MS-7400 provides two independent mechatronics training modules. They are automatic sorting robot and linear positioner. These two modules can be controlled by MS-C100 directly or other microcontrollers through its digital input and output ports on control panel. Each model offers at least ten training courses, beginning from learning the characteristic of every mechatronic components to controlling of whole mechatronic system. It provides an efficient way to build solid knowledge and concept of "Factory Automation" control.

MS-7001 Automatic Sorting Robot
  1. Conveyer belt position control
  2. Workpiece detecting and sorting
  3. Z-Axis cylinder up / down control
  4. Rotary cylinder right / left control
  5. Vacuum generator control
  6. Slide table position control
  7. 3-Axis pick & place robot control
  8. Picking and placing on conveyer belt
  9. Storing workpieces sequentially
10. Workpiece sorting and storing control
11. Conveyer loading control
12. Automatic loading-unloading control
MS-7002 Linear Positioner
  1. Linear motion control
  2. Open-loop position control
  3. Vibration and torque control
  4. Positioning time and speed control
  5. Linear acceleration-deceleration control
  6. Closed-loop position control
  7. Positioning with thumbwheel and 7-segment display
  8. Teaching single-position control
  9. Multi-speed control
10. Multi-position control

1. Its portable size makes it easy to carry out experiments on lab table.
2. The status of input and output signals are monitored and displayed on nearby status LED.
3. Easy cabling-using one single flat cable to connect MS-C100.
MS-C100 dsPIC Microcontroller Unit
1. MS-C100 includes a dsPIC30F4011 chip and peripheral I/O circuits, which is very helpful to understand the knowledge related with microprocessor control.
2. The trainer is protected by a suitcase for easy carrying and storage.
3. The pins of MCU are protected by photo coupler.
4. Able to use either TACT or Slide switch as signal input.
MS-7001 Automatic Sorting Robot
1. Suitable for MCU beginners 
2. Systematic training for trainees
3. Abundant experimental practices
4. Widespread control applications
    DC motor control, various sensors, pneumatic cylinder control, position control and detection for sliding table, C code programming practice
MS-7002 Linear Positioner
1. Using stepper motor to drive a sliding mechanism  
2. Diverse applications for servo control
3. Combining BCD toggle switches and a 7-segment LED in the trainer.
4. Providing limit switch to avoid over-movement of the sliding guide