• NGT-102 Elementary Courseware

NGT-102 Elementary Courseware

Model : GFA-NGT12-FA00

NGT-102 Elementary Courseware

List of Course
Introduction to Serial monitor
Analog to Digital Conversion
Light Meter
Light Meter with Scratch
Light Strength Indicator
Intelligent Lamp
Introduction to Serial Plotter
Voltage Generator
Speed Up Your Motor
Battery Life Meter
Gas Alarm System
Joystick Controller
Joystick Controller with Scratch
Thermometer & Hygrometer (I)
Card Reader System
Card Reader System with Scratch

fayaduino UNO x 1
JoyStick Switch x 1
Slide Potentiometer x 1
5-bit TACT Switch x 1
Touch Slider x 1
Limit Switch x 1
8-bit Red LED x 1
Light Sensor x 1
Humidity & Temperature Sensor x 1
Gas Sensor x 1
Photo Interrupter x 1
DC Motor x 1
5V DC Fan x 1
Interface Board x 1
EM-Buzzer x 1

Box x 1
Wire Pack x 1 
Brick Pack x 1
USB A-B Cable x 1
16x16 Brick Plate x 1
16x32 Brick Plate x 1
NGT-100 Series CD x 1

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