• KR-102 Refrigerator Training System

KR-102 Refrigerator Training System

Model : KR-102

    The Refrigerator Training System (KR-102) is designed for the skill training of a refrigerator, including refrigerator circuit constructing, system processing, and copper tube welding. Modified from an actual refrigerator, KR-102 is installed with safety plug and terminals. In addition, for welding and refrigeration process exercises, the system consists of 3 low pressure manual valves and 1 high pressure manual valves.

1. Copper processing
(1) Pipe cutting
(2) The tube flaring making
(3) The tube overlap making
(4) Bended tube
(5) Sealed tube 

2. Copper tube welding
(1) Specifying a location where a tube welding method is chosen
(2) Tube welding methods: silver soldering, brazing, aluminum welding
(3) Practicing tube welding with and without nitrogen flow Devices required for tube welding: oxyacetylene, Soldering Guns, hydroxide flame (not included in the system)

3. System processing of refrigerators
Exercises of processing the refrigerant, including pressurized leak detecting, pressure stabilizing, vacuum making, and refrigerant filling.

4. Circuit processing
(1) Testing of electrical components
(2) Circuit connecting and inspecting

5. Testing for the running of the refrigerator 
6. The equipment complies with the "Taiwan Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning Skills Test Standard"

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