• KR-105 Compressor Training System

KR-105 Compressor Training System

Model : KR-105

       The Compressor Training System (KR-105) provides a training platform for circuit wiring of compressors. The system has 2 start-up methods (current-mode and PTC). Students are able to comprehend the operating principles of the start-up circuit by observing and measuring the signals from the terminals of the circuit. 
       Inside KR-105, there is a refrigeration system, so the start-up circuit can successfully drive a real compressor after the correct wiring is complete. Besides, several meters are embedded in the front panel and connected with the compressor at the back for convenient observation and measurement during the operation of the system.
1. Testing of in-Circuit components
2. PTC Start-Up practicing
3. Current-mode Start-Up practicing
4. Operating of refrigeration system 
5. Understanding of desiccant air conditioning principles
6. Plotting of the Mollier Chart
7. Evaluating of refrigeration performance

1. A transparent acrylic cover is provided to protect the components inside and allow a clear view for observing structures of the components.
2. Several temperature wells are reserved for measuring the temperature of the copper tubes.
3. The condenser and evaporator fan coils are installed together for simulating the dehumidifier, which students can understand the process of air dehumidification.
4. Safety plugs are used for each component.
5. High / Low pressure gauges are embedded in the front panel for observing the change of pressure.
6. The service valve can be used to practice refilling the refrigerant.
7. Along with the relatively small size of the system, it is very convenient to operate it with almost all kinds of  workbenches.

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