• KL-900A Basic Communication System

KL-900A Basic Communication System

Model : KL-900A

     KL-900A offers experiments for fundamental technical concepts on telecommunication. 
     It enables students to acquire a clear experimental view and, further, they will be familiar with the operational aspects of the work in the telecommunication laboratory.

Analog Communication
  1. RF oscillator experiment
  2. Second order LPF & HPF experiment
  3. AM modulator experiment
  4. AM demodulator experiment
  5. DSB-SC and SSB modulator experiment
  6. DSB-SC and SSB demodulator experiment
  7. FM modulator experiment
  8. FM demodulator experiment
  9. Frequency synthesizer
10. TDM multiplexer experiments
11. TDM demultiplexer experiments
12. FDM multiplexer experiments
13. FDM demultiplexer experiments
14. Frequency converter experiment
15. Carrier frequency recovery experiment
16. Manchester clock regeneration experiment
Digital Communication
  1. Analog to digital experiment
  2. Digital to analog experiment
  3. PWM modulator experiment
  4. PWM demodulator experiment
  5. FSK modulator experiment
  6. FSK demodulator experiment
  7. CVSD modulators & demodulators
  8. Manchester code encode / decode
  9. ASK modulator / demodulator
10. PSK / QPSK modulator / demodulator
1. The trainer includes modules with experimental circuits. It offers the beginner complete courses in basic analog and digital communication.
2. KL-900A is equipped with power supply and signal unit. Students only have to adopt the oscilloscope to complete various experiments independently.
3. System modularity maximizes flexibility and variety for experimentation, and allows the possibility for expansion and customization.

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