• KL-900B Analog Communication System

KL-900B Analog Communication System

Model : KL-900B

144MHz VHF FM Transceiver Trainer
    KL-900B Analog Communication System discloses the secret of the walky-talky based on the 144MHz VHF band. The circuitry of walky-talky is shown as blocks : receiver block, transmitter block, audio amplifier block and microphone amplifier block. 
    Block diagrams are printed clearly on the panel of the module, giving students a comprehensive view of how walky-talky works.

1. Introduction to Analog Communication System 
(1) Resetting the transceiver
(2) Setting the channel frequency
(3) Expanding frequency range 
(4) Operating two keys
(5) Operating SET key
2. Microphone Amplifiers
(1) Measuring PTT DET output
(2) Measuring transmitted signal
(3) Measuring MIC-AMP (LIM) output
(4) Measuring MIC-LPF output
3. Phase-Locked Loops
(1) Measuring crystal oscillator output
(2) Measuring data, clock and LE in receiving
(3) Measuring data, clock and LE in transmitting
(4) Measuring phase comparator inputs
(5) Measuring phase comparator output
4. Voltage-Controlled Oscillators
(1) Measuring RX VCO characteristic 
(2) Measuring TX VCO characteristic
5. RF Power Amplifiers
(1) Measuring TX POWER AMP input and output
(2) Measuring APC AMP input and output
6. RF Amplifiers
(1) Measuring RF AMP input
(2) Measuring RF AMP output
(3) Measuring BPF output
7. Mixers and IF Amplifiers
(1) Measuring RX VCO output
(2) Measuring 1st MIXER output
(3) Measuring CRYSTAL BPF output
(4) Measuring 1st IF AMP output
(5) Measuring 1st IF AMP input and output
8. FM Demodulators
(1) Measuring second mixer output
(2) Measuring 2nd FILTER output
(3) Measuring S-MET AMP output
(4) Demonstrating squelch control
9. Audio Amplifiers
(1) Measuring AF PREAMP input
(2) Measuring AF PREAMP output
(3) Measuring AF POWER AMP output
1. 144MHz VHF FM transceiver trainer
2. 2 modules construct the inner structure of the walky-talky, and cover more than 9 fully documented experiments.
3. Experiment and instructor's manual are included.

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